Valentine’s Day
I love Valentine’s Day. I loved it even when I was a little girl and we would help my dad make cards and gifts for my mama …
The night before was as exciting as Christmas Eve and we would all wake early and run downstairs to make a ‘Valentines breakfast’ (unfortunately for mama it was usually made up of cold toast with too much butter, under or over cooked eggs and even colder coffee! However we always picked a beautiful flower from the garden to make up for the state of the breakfast!) and wait impatiently for the clock to chime 7 before we ran into our parents room to deliver breakfast along with our cards and hand made gifts…
It was obviously many years ago since I was involved in any Valentine’s card making (!) so it was especially sweet when I was sleeping at my sisters the night before Valentine’s Day this year and my sister and husband had gone out for dinner… Lalli, Ritz, Lazzar and I decided to make cards for them… We spent 2 hours cutting out cards, doing drawings, painting love hearts and adding stickers until they were masterpieces!
Ritz, being the kindest and most thoughtful child, sat for a further 2 hours making cards for EVERYONE… He was being very secretive and once he had finished he ran past me and up the stairs to his bedroom where he told me “not to look under his bed because that’s where he had put my Balentine’s (☺️) Day card!” I swear I nearly cried there and then!
So the next morning was Valentine’s Day. Ben, my love, was mountaineering in Scotland on an expedition with some friends so sadly I was alone for Valentine’s but he had already thought ahead… He had posted a card and arranged a sweet hamper to be delivered to me and honestly it was the best treat ever… Anyway I digress …. So Valentine’s morning at 6.50 am I hear the bedroom door creak as it starts to open ….


Stood in the doorway with a smile from here to the Moon, was Ritz, holding my card and a balloon with a picture of a globe on it … He handed it to me and said, “I love you all the World, Boo!”


Well that was it! What a beautiful gesture.


He is so pure of heart and it is a memory I will cherish always …


Boo. x