Never has a sentence felt more true… They grow up so fast!

I was, as im sure we all do from time to time, sorting through the photos on my laptop to free up some space and i came across this photo of my very first niece, Ivy… She was only hours old!

I remember the day so clearly. Coming from a close family of seven people, where one of us can quite easily finish another’s sentence, it wasnt technically just my sisters pregnancy – it was all of ours! The pregnancy itself seemed to fly by and infact we were grateful because it meant the ‘arrival’ came quickly… Her delivery was great too – no complications and no problems thank goodness… then at 12.16 am – she was there!

Ivy Bel Travis. Weight 7lb 3oz. Sent from Heaven…

The World, certainly as i knew it, was never the same again!

It was the first time i had ever felt love like it… And in essence, the Love i felt that day is what created Rockabyboo…

It was a lot of ‘Firsts’ for me and for the rest of the family… I realised in that first moment when my sister was handing Ivy to me, that i hadnt actually HELD a baby – not that i could remember anyway – And yet it felt so normal and so natural to do so… Pure Love.

But Wow do they grow up so fast?! She is now nearly 9 years old and i dont know where the time has gone to! I look at her now – her legs nearly as long as my own!

5 Nephews and 4 more nieces follwed her and all were equally special arrivals and equally special little people!

Please share your stories if youve felt the same way… You are certainly not alone!

Boo x