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…the songs are so pretty and relaxing I’ve been listening to them myself the whole morning!  They are very soothing and I love the sound of the piano accompanied by a very pretty voice…

Mommies with Cents!

There’s an enormous selection of music and stories updated constantly and they can even be personalized for some babies’ names.

Tamera Mowry

I was extremely thrilled and surprised that RockabyBoo lullabies were absolutely amazing.

Eighty MPH Mom

Then at bedtime we play him his own personalised lullaby with the RockabyBoo app.

Georgina Cohen

 RockabyBoo is the PERFECT lullaby app out there that helps soothe babies, toddlers and preschoolers into slumber-land with gorgeous music and stories.


Serously, he was in love…and we were all falling asleep with him. It was so nice to hear and see. Natalie started tearing up because it was so nice! We are hooked on this app and you will be, too!!!


The RockabyBoo app even makes traveling with the family a breeze.

Mum Blog Society

What a great way to make it easy to put your kids to sleep no matter where you are!


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