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RockabyBoo is a Children’s App featuring Personalized Original Lullabies, Instrumentals & Stories.

RockabyBoo is perfect for soothing your child to sleep, calming them for bedtime or even just quiet time…

RockabyBoo is available now for iPhone, iPad & Android

Download the app using the links below.

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Personalized Lullabies and Stories in your Child's Name



Many names to choose from.



Comforting and Original Lullabies

Your Soothing Personalized Lullaby in Multiple Languages



Choose from English, Spanish and French.



New lullabies and instrumentals added regularly

Relaxing Original Lullabies, Instrumentals and Audio Stories



Choose your personalized entertainment. 



Enchanting and Original Audio Stories


Personalized audio story where your Child is the main character! New stories added regularly… 


We have 1000's of names, including special spellings. Visit the Names page to see the full list.

See all the names

Personalised Names

Boys Names

Girls Names